Definition of Delicious Turkish Cuisine

As we all know Turkish cuisine with its variety of flavors and tradition has inspired other neighboring countries with its delicious taste. It’s no surprise that while eating Turkish food you’d feel like a Sultan, needless to say its diversity is what makes it this royal! A simple element such as yogurt seems to taste splendidly different when it involves a Turkish touch, spread on Manti, served with Iskender kebab or even solely as a Haydari. What is also impressive is how these simple elements are spread across the dishes, be it the green pepper, tomatoes, its savory soaked bread or a humble potato - all presented in every dish, is a delight for our eyes and mouth. Experiencing Turkish meat is quite an adventure by itself! Speaking again of Iskender kebab, and we can’t stop obsessing on how the meat melts in our mouth, its combination of meat, the tomato sauce with its exotic spices, and the freshness from the cold yogurt on the side, but mostly let’s not forget the heated butter that’s poured on top of it - this combination makes our taste buds water with joy. That’s the case with all the meat dishes at Sultan Saray, and since Turks love meat very much, you’ll find a meat element in most of their dishes, we’re not even complaining! No wonder everyone loves Turkish cuisine, its combinations of elements, the way it’s cooked, and the way it’s presented will make you hung up on its delicious taste. It’s a cuisine that’ll linger with you. Afiyet Olsun!