Sultan Saray | Dubai Turkish Restaurant

If you haven’t heard of Sultan Saray yet, then you’re missing quite a lot. The restaurant ambience makes you feel like a Royal with its golden touch and classic theme, every corner has its unique element in which you’ll be transporting within it from a place to another. The ambience alone isn’t what makes it special, sitting there with the scent of freshly baked bread has a special taste and an image of what it feels like sitting in a traditional Turkish restaurant in Istanbul. Sultan Saray has brought Turkey to you, with its delicious flavors that will keep you wanting to try every other dish, and experience a journey with every bite. Combining a Tropical theme across the restaurant with a beautiful floral touch, will make it a special experience to be around. The chef’s ingredient within every dish has a magical touch in this place, you will be certain it’ll taste as good as it looks. Sultan Saray offers some of the most famous Turkish cuisine dishes, from manti, to Kofte, to pasha kabab and many other heart-warming dishes that we’re sure it’ll steal your heart from the first bite! All the yumminess yet nothing beats the breakfast they offer, it’s a true Turkish style with true Turkish ingredients; As Sultan Saray’s is known in Ajman for its splendid breakfast, Sultan Saray’s breakfast has arrived also to Dubai! With its same delicious taste and presentation, we bet you’ll feel just in Turkey! We welcome you to visit, review, and taste what it feels to be in a royal Turkish environment! Where ever you are in the UAE we promise you it’ll be worth the drive.