A journey into the grandeur of Turkey’s magnificence and splendor could well begin through the doors of Sultan Saray, where you are transported into the enchanting beauty of rich Turkish culture through its cuisines.

Keeping intact the perfect blend of the old-world charm and contemporary lifestyle, Sultan Saray brings the traditional flavours in an unsurpassable setting. Step into an antique oriental mansion that offers a promise to surprise your palette every time you arrive here.

From the creation of the menu and our wide range of classic Turkish staples to the spellbinding details found in the décor of the restaurant, Sultan Saray speaks volumes of our commitment to quality, service and a passion to create a warm and engaging ambiance.

Feel the authenticity of Turkish Cuisine and all its magical flavors. Our menu has been created to satisfy every taste bud that craves mouthwatering food. From a range of hot and cold beverages to a variety of mezze, kebabs, and tempting desserts, we have a whole range of pleasurable experiences.