Our credibility is reflected in honest reviews of our customers, who take the time to speak about their dining experiences with us. Keep an eye on this section to know what our guests have to say about Sultan Saray.

  • Strategically located in Sheikh Zayed road on a service road with ample parking areas. Interiors are second to none, during pleasant winter days they open up the front facade. Menu is rich and the food is really good, especially the appetizers. I highly recommend the Chili Labnah. Breakfast menu is impressive as well. Service is amazing, they kept on offering complimentary items left and right. And on top of all that, prices are reasonable. I can easily call it the best Turkish restaurant in Dubai. Will definitely come back to try the Doner. By Jaber M. (Google Review)
  • Great food and quick service. Really like the way they have designed the restaurant and serve the food. By Rehan Farook (Google Review)
  • Very delicious food. Superior service. Great hospitality. By Ahmad Kanafani (Google Review)
  • Good experience with Sultan Saray. Friendly staff, nice atmosphere and very good taste. Recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️ By Nour Eldin Baroudi (Google Review)
  • Must try, good service, friendly staff and amazing food. By Abdul Azeem (Google Review)
  • المطعم مميز، موقعه وترتيبه من الداخل، والأكل لذيذ، التقديم ممتاز، الخدمة مميزة، مناسب للعائلات والعزائم. By ZMN 82 (Google Review)
  • مطعم من أفضل المطاعم في دبي نظافة وذوق واستقبال وموظفين يعاملونك وكأنك ضيف وليس زبون يستحق الزيارة والتقييم للأمانة فوق الممتاز. By نادر بالوجود (Google Review)
  • راقي جداً واكل طيب، اركيله ممتازة وخدمة جيدا جدا. By yaseen ctm (Google Review)
  • ما شاء الله تبارك الله مطعم في قمة الروعة، الأكل لذيذ شيء خوراقي. اتمنى لو يفتح فرع بجدة. Alhassan alhagwi (Google Review)